Seen and heard at VivaTech Paris

June 8, 2018

We believe innovation comes from both within and outside of an organization. Many times looking outside of your own universe sparks new reflections and plants the seeds for new ways to tackle long-standing challenges. So when VivaTech 2018 was in Paris we knew that it was necessary to see what was the latest and greatest in the French and international start-up world.  And we were not disappointed, we were awed, inspired and refreshed.


Three major themes stood out at VivaTech

- Open innovation: inter-company collaboration is a market trend now well established.

- RGPD: entered into force on May 25, the General Regulation on Data Protection may be perceived as a potential constraint by some companies, but a flock of start-ups are already surfing on the protection of personal data.

- Tech For Good: At the opening of the show, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, emphasized the need for benevolent technologies, refocused on respect for people and the environment.


Five things that captured our attention

- Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning: big data is the holy grail for companies (our take on the importance of big data)!

- Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), holograms: we immediately noticed the possibility to simplify the transmission and understanding of the message during collaborative work.

- Man-machine interactions: remarkable solutions, including Go Touch VR, enable interactive VR interaction by touching and connected smartboards facilitate creative team work.

- Digitalization and data-ization of retail and e-commerce is well under way (e.g., Oyst won the 2018 LVMH Innovation Award).

- Blockchain, to secure the data (e.g., VeChain)


What we walked away with?

“VivaTech is a good place to identify technology partners and solutions relevant for our ongoing projects. Most of the major trends seen at the show can influence how Lectra moves forward in creating effective solutions for our customers.”

”This edition has been extremely informative in terms of analyzing emerging trends. Next year, we will obviously return to Vivatech, to learn more and see how we can create synergies with our solutions and new technology.”

"Using AI as a support for development will soon be a widespread practice, just like testing.  The integration of AI components into the next version of Microsoft's augmented reality tool (HoloLens) shows that VR and AR will also be impacted by AI. I can’t wait to see how it will evolve!”

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